South African born Creative Director / Artist
living in Los Angeles, California. 

















HOLIDAY by Henrik Purienne
Prestel Verlag / Randomhouse 2017
256 Pages / Color / BW

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"With Holiday, his second volume of photography, Purienne presents a series of trips with friends and girlfriends captured between his native South Africa, the Mediterranean, and his new home, Los Angeles. Shot exclusively in his signature 35mm format, Purienne's images often include imperfections that belie the sophistication of his technique, resulting in images at once reminiscent of the past and the future."




MIRAGE by Purienne & Rocholl
The DFM, LA/NY 2009/16
400 Pages / Color + BW

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Mirage Magazine was founded independently by Henrik Purienne and Frank Rocholl as a 400 page independent fashion and culture magazine, inspired by the photographic aesthetic and hedonistic culture of the 1960s and 1970s.

Subject matter relates to timeless aesthetic in the fields of architecture, art and design interwoven with visions of forgotten utopias, unsung heroes and cinematic stagings. Editorial content has a documentary feel and often reflects the personal relationship of photographer and muse, with key themes being summer, sun, youth, freedom and rebellion.




PURIENNE by Henrik Purienne
Prestel Verlag / Randomhouse 2013
260 Pages / Color

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Henrik Purienne has curated his first book, the self-titled 'Purienne', fronted by friend and model Sonja van den Heever. Purienne's images afford us immeasurable scope for desire. It is where imagination and reality merge; art and eroticism are companions and self-expression reigns ultimate.

While sexualized content and nudity in photography is no new concept, Henrik Purienne shoots only health looking women, willing women, with unmade faces, hair unruly and clothing, if any, unfussy. All this amalgamates to encapsulate the beauty of his subject in her truest form. Most often, the backdrop is a sunny, domestic situation, engendering tender and nostalgic connotations; we can see and feel the heat through his images.

(Tess Martin, Krass Journal No.1)





“Henrik Purienne’s photography has the unmistakable mixture of ethereal natural and physical beauty, with a warm and often exotic ambience. All this is interwoven with domestic and voyueristic sexual imagery, which converge at a point between provocation and profundity”.